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Later salvaged and scrapped, after depth-charge trials were made on her hull. Training Flotilla at Rothesay but used for patrols off Brest Spring 1941. At 1510 on the 17th, west of Texel island, the submarine sighted a German anti-submarine flotilla of five vessels at a distance of 3000 yards; the flotilla also spotted the submarine. 3/3/45 scuttled as Asdic target off Isle of Arran 3/3/45. (Lt Frank Gibbs ), December 1941, in Bay of Biscay - 'overdue, presumed lost'. H49 immediately dived to 60 feet and depth charges began to fall around her. Sank two small ships W of Norway 1st and 5th Feb 1941. Acted as marker submarine for Operation Anklet, raid on Lofoten Islands, Norway Dec 41.

13/1/68 ran aground and stuck for three days on a rocky ledge off the Isle of Wight. Joined 8th Flotilla at Gibraltar May 1941 to Dec 1942 - Malta Bus. Jan 1944 to Apr 1944 at Holy Loch with 3rd Flotilla. Picture Minelayer; Lost off Augusta, eastern Sicily in Ionian Sea (c 37-00'N, 15-30'N) - by Italian torpedo boats Circe and Clio/Polluce. 18-Apr-1940 sank German transport Hamm in Skagerrak. Nov 1941 operated in Arctic waters, sank transport Bressheim 22 Nov 41. 6-Mar-1942 sighted German BB Tirpitz at sea, having sailed from Trondheim to attack convoy PQ12, sent Enemy Report. Jan 1943 A/S training based on Halifax, Nov Scotia then in Nov 1942 at Bermuda. Supply boat for Greek islands of Leros and Samos Oct-Nov 1943. Sank Japanese merchant Unryu Maru off Andamans 31-Dec-44. The submarine began to sink by the stern and all high-pressure air was used to return her to the surface. 13/6/52: collided with the destroyer HMS Zephyr in heavy fog while leaving Portsmouth harbour, U. The Zephyr suffers flooding in one of its magazines. Images of subs has been added by me over time See also: with a bold blue link have their own page on my own site, this list will grow in time as I manage to get them online. May-June 1950 Used in hull strength trials off Gibraltar, from HMS Flamborough Head. Hull then lifted and, after examination, sunk in Med to the East of Gibraltar. Trials for Blowpipe Missile system 1972-1974 (became an 'SSG'). Apr 1944 to Jun 1945 based Trincomalee and Fremantle. Sailed from Malta 10-Jun-40 to lay mines off Augusta, east coast of Sicily. Damaged 3rd January 1945, South East Asia, off Port Blair area, Andaman Islands, (See Details) - by gunfire of Japanese merchant ship, and later damaged in bombing attack. Once on the surface Shark got underway steering on main engines. Many contain never before seen images from families and Laid down 3-Dec-43. Trials successful but missile (similar to Rapier) had too short a range. At 1900 on 16-Jun-40, Italian Torpedo Boat Circe spotted a periscope and launched a depth charge attack on the position, along with the Polluce. U-570 surfaced off Iceland in misty weather on 27-Aug-41 under the nose of a patrolling Hudson aircraft from No.269 Squadron RAF. Surfaced to engage the merchantman and damaged by return fire, unable to dive. Being sighted yet again the submarine came under sustained attack and No. Finally more aircraft arrived and Shark had no option but to capitulate. 21-Jan-56 collided with a motor fishing vessel off the Isle of Wight. Made 12,000 mile voyage from Australia via Pacific, ending 3/12/1958. Scrapped at Troon 1967, after three years in Reserve at Gosport. On 9-July-41 Cachalot left Alexandria loaded with stores bound for Malta and arrived on the 16th. One crew member lost overboard - AB Blake - later picked up and taken prisoner. The crew had just embarked the torpedoes before going to sea for trial firings. Lost NW of Benghazi, eastern Libya - rammed by Italian torpedo boat General Achille Papa. 19-May-1943 - Discovered U-boat exercise area off Toulon. 21-Jul-1943 - Damaged Italian AMC and destroyer escort off Elbe. 4-Jun-1944 - Attacked Mitylene harbour and was counter-attacked by two patrol craft. The torpedoes had no warheads, but did have the new volatile hydrogen peroxide propellant.

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