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Betty's Cyber Bullying page has tips for dealing with cyber bullying if you ever encounter it and strategies for protecting yourself from cyber bullies. Etiquette is defined as "the conduct or procedure required by good breeding or prescribed by authority to be observed in social or official life," so, in other words, good manners!Being friendly and polite shows good manners both offline and online, but because you can't see the other person and words last in Cyberspace, there are also some special manners you should also follow online.Learn more: Internet Chat Slang A website that brings people together to keep in touch, share news, links and pictures, and even make new friends.Social Network users have a profile and a group of friends that they can share things with.Learn more: Communicating Safely N Your identity in real life, who you really are.It is made up of your personal information and it is very risky to use your offline identity in Cyberspace.Learn more: Managing Your Online Identity Short for "Web log," a personal website that is usually used to keep a journal or diary.Some blogs focus on a specific topics like travel or politics.

Learn more: Evaluating the Information People who have the authority to enforce the rules and terms of use in games, forums and chat rooms.

As you join social networks, play multiplayer games, publish blogs and tweets, and share pictures and videos, your online and offline identities become merged, and your online reputation (whether good or bad) makes an impact on your life, both online and offline.

Betty's mini training mission on Growing an Online Reputation encourages you to take charge of protecting and developing your online reputation by being smart about what you share and how you use privacy settings.

Learn more: Protecting Your Personal Information See Peer-to-Peer Network A type of network that allows computer users to share everything from files to network bandwidth with one another.

A user must install software to access the network, then they can search through and download the files of any computer on the network.

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