Black man absolutely free 100 fetish sex dateing

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This action makes them a “peer" of White men versus subordinate as they may be through status or class in America.

A lot of Black men find power in being able to treat a woman as exotic and be a phallocentric peer to White men.

There’s a conglomerate of negative feelings that they have for their mothers but cannot project them on their mothers without debilitating guilt.

Thus, these feelings are projected onto any and all other Black women.

It’s not far-fetched that some Black men could feel this way about their mothers.

But it’s practically unconscionable to speak against one’s own Black mother, especially as a Black son since preference for sons and protection of sons over daughters is common not just in Black culture but within many races. In some cases, the mother who stays is hated over the idealization of the father who left.

Certainly interracial couples (of a variety of races and ethnicities) exist that openly discuss race, aren’t based on fetish, White supremacy or self-hatred and even recognize how propagandist messages can shape their preferences away from their own race. However, when Asian women, for example, (who marry out the most, to White men) don’t recognize how imperialist, racist and patriarchal constructions of masculinity and manhood impact how they perceive Asian men and when Black men (who marry out the second most, to White women) don’t recognize how patriarchal, racist and misogynoirist constructions of womanhood impact how they perceive Black women, they’re literally going to proliferate White supremacist thinking.

When White men and White women are positioned as the “best” and “normal" choice for a partner, even over that person’s own race, and when the idea that the closer to White/furthest from Black that any person is, the “better,“ is added to this, it’s where White supremacy meets dating and marriage.

They refuse to challenge hegemonic ideologies designed to infer that Black women are the “worst" women, the “ugliest" women, the “meanest" women and the most “worthless" women.

They internalize this racism and since it’s easier to agree with White supremacist power structures that convey these messages—ones they accept as truth—than to challenge White supremacy and give up the myth of assuming patriarchal power as a partner with White men, they rather join in with the world and attack Black women.

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