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I love perfumes so to say this one scares me and it's the only scent I've ever been too afraid to spray on me , tells me this is the Queen Beast of fragrances. My dad tried to find something to take the place of that atom bomb of a fragrance for my mother's dresser. The ad campaign for Passion was unforgettable, much like its namesake. I bought this parfum from because I cannot find it anywhere near me where I live in New York. I have seen her movies A Place In The Sun Giant Cleopatra. There is civetta which is very musky animalic and this part of the parfum is different for me because I am not used to this smell but is very nice, a little like powder. Parfum to wear with beautiful clothes black dresses and leather like leather boots leather jackets and coats or fur coats. Highly unisex today, this belongs in all vintage collections, especially chypre lovers and anyone who enjoys the golden decade, baroque scents and a good perfume in general.The bottle, the incredible juice that emanated from the lid before even being spritzed..was over the top. There's something about this that just embraces the wearer and everyone around her. Review based on edt bottles, from 19; first formula with purple stone cap and yellow pattern on bottle with no reform between them.You can be 100% sure that you have found the right place for yourself. Sex dating in UK becomes more and more popular nowadays.Make a difference; try something new – one of the best hookup sites in UK. Modern pace of life make us find alternative ways to get what we want.

I think my mother may have worn it and I didnt like it. (He was an elderly gentleman who had taken a shine to her, and our family). It wasn't the same for her, although Passion definitely belongs to the Power Frag group of the illustrious '80s. I smell most of all the incense the musk also sandal and cedar wood. I wear it in fall and winter time for evening parties and the theater Broadway shows in Manhattan. What I do get is one bad-boy blast of smoky incense, a powerful gardenia & ylang ylang combination and aldehydes galore. If you enjoy drama powerhouses and are ok with just a bit too much animalics, this is for you.

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Online shops offers: Fragrance UK 6 items for 8.76 - 25.39 GBPFragrance 6 items for 9.09 - 24.04 USDFragrance 6 items for 11.49 - 33.29 USDPerfume Click 3 items for 14.15 - 15.10 1 product for 16.95 uk 2 items for 19.10 - 21.69 GBPView products... Passion is a dark room with scented candles and incense. It starts with fresh aldehydes and then, civet, honey, smoke,sandalwood, spices catch your soul. I'm into vintages now, classics, and I wanted to revisit Passion and have it for my massive collection. It's f****ng cold this winter of 2017/2018 and man... I rarely apply perfume to my bare skin because I'm oily by genetics, but extremely dry due to climate/winter. As its sitting on my skin and warming up the screaming starts to settle down into shouting and some sweet notes start showing up and rounding things off. If you like oriental perfumes, don't be afraid to try Passion (at least the vintage version). A soirée, a gala, and why not ladies who lunch; perfect occasions to wear Passion.

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